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WBC heavyweight champion since the year 2015. The boxer has also made history as he was the first American heavyweight champion in nine years. This is remarkable because this remained the longest time in history without an American holding that prestigious position.

He started his boxing career when he was twenty years old. This is old enough compared to other Americans and boxers who start that career earlier in their age. The boxer started as an amateur. He went to the Olympics of 2008 where he returned home with a Bronze medal.

This boxer was known in the ring for his great punching power. He was a great fighter and he has done well in most of his fight. This fighter was such powerful that he has knocked out all his opponents expect Tyson Fury. His knock out a win in the fights he was engaged in so far stood at 98 percent. He has recorded at least twenty knockouts in the first round. He was rewarded for this by the award he won in the year 2016 and 2017. When it comes to boxing ranking he was named as the global best active heavyweight boxer. He has won other great titles in the past.

Fury promoter is anything to go by, then this rematch is going to be a big pay per view. This is because the number of people who would pay to watch that fight is more than those who did the same thing when they had the first encounter last year. It appears that fans are showing more interest in the rematch than they did in the first encounter that ended without a winner. The first encounter only ended in 325,000 buys. This is big money when the price is multiplied by that number. The number of buys expected for this second fight is many time more than that. It is expected that the number of buys could reach as much as 4.6 million and this will mean a lot in terms of money. The money is great because it is based on pay per view. It is not yet clear the total amount that each person would pay to watch the fight, but if all the people anticipated watching that wilder vs fury live heavyweight bout pay then it would amount to a great sum of money at the end of the day.

The two fighters are meeting for the second time in the US and that because of the interest the fight has generated, many people who have not shown any interest in that fight are indicating their interest in watching this second rematch. At the end of the day, it is expected that the two fighters are going to make more money than they did in their first encounter.

Tyson Fury is a British born professional boxer. In the year 2015, this boxer won the unified title involving WBA, WBO, IBF, and so on. He did that after he beat Vladimir Klitschko in a fight staged in Germany. The battle was such enormous that apart from winning that prestigious title, this boxer was named the fight of the year as well as the upset of the year and he was given those titles by the Ring. He was also ranked as the best active heavyweight boxer by the Ring. He has other several awards.

He started his boxing career as an amateur and he has represented his country on several occasions. In the year 2008, this boxer won the ABA super-heavyweight champion after that victory, he became a professional boxer when he turned twenty years of age. The boxer has won the English heavyweight title two times as well as British and Commonwealth champion in the year 2011. He is a great fighter and it is not surprising the buzz generated by the forthcoming encounter between him and Wilder.

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